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Welcome to my erotic phone sex diary where I’m able to share pieces of myself, my reality, what brought me to the phone sex industry and my unique and instinctive sense of fun in a sometimes competitive and somewhat cookie-cutter business. Not to mention it’s another spot on the web where you can see pictures of my voluptuous tits and sexy legs that go straight up and make an ass of themselves! I hope you enjoy reading my entries, because I certainly take delight in sharing them with you.

Summer Came and So Did I

Posted by on 6th August , 2013

phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-350-5120There’s nothing I hate worse than tan lines, which is why I can’t help but tan in the nude.  The challenge is my yard is exposed on one side to a neighbor’s yard.  Fortunately, my neighbor is an elderly woman who rarely leaves the house, which made the events that follow even more surprising.

I had been laying out on my stomach for most of the morning and when I turned over to lie on my back, I took out my iPod earbuds and heard the sound of a lawnmower coming from my neighbor’s yard.  I didn’t see anyone, so I decided to hell with it and laid down to make sure my breasts got the attention from the sun that they deserved.  It was hot that day and I could feel my body starting to glisten under a thin layer of perspiration. I reached for my drink and took out an ice cube and ran it around my stomach, feeling goose bumps rise over my burning flesh.  I traced it up my body and rubbed it around my nipple, which instantly hardened from the sudden cold.  Between my legs, my constant tingle was starting to transition to a constant throb and I slid my hand between my creamy thighs. The moment my finger penetrated my moist pussy, I realized that I was being watched.

There you were, taking a pause from cutting the grass as you stood there watching me with my finger moving deeply between my swollen lips. Our eyes lock with lust and the shrub you were standing behind did a poor job of hiding the fact you were pumping your hard, thick cock.  I can see it’s slick with pre-cum and I watch you pound it as I slide two more fingers inside my dripping pussy.  I see the desire in your eyes as we both keep rhythm, masturbating just ten feet away but fucking one another with ferocious intensity in our minds.

Your eyes break contact as I feel them studying my body.  My huge breasts, brown and glistening in the sun and my ripe pussy now full with three fingers.  Don’t be embarrassed, just keep fucking me.  I pump myself harder as you do the same to your rigid cock, the veins are engorged and bulging from the hastened beat of your heart.  Suddenly, and without a word spoken between us, we start to push ourselves harder toward orgasm, until we both explode together.  I let out a gasp as I squirt like never before. My pussy gushes and sprays far and wide with each convulsion of my muscles.  Your ejaculation is even more impressive as it hits my stomach from several feet away.  I wipe my finger across my tummy and have a taste.  You’re juices are tart, yet delicious.

You have me convinced my lawn is going to need some manicuring, a lot of daily manicuring.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

Absence Makes the Cock Grow Harder

Posted by on 4th March , 2013

the best phone sex is with naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120I know something you probably didn’t think I would know.  I know the effect of unleashed cum festering within your balls.  I know that your balls are used to being emptied on a daily basis.  And because you’ve built up such great stamina with years of practice, your balls are used to reproducing rather quickly.  What this means is that on the rare occasion that you actually go more than a day without ejaculation, your balls have produced an amount of cum that could fill multiple shot glasses.

When you’ve gone several days in a row without cumming, everything turns you on.  And that, which turns you on all the time, turns you ravenous.  Imagine it’s been three days since your cock shot out a load.  Then imagine that the hottest girl at the office approached you at her desk, fleshy white legs on display.  She gives you some attention, probably because she needs something from you.  You’re only too happy to comply.  It’s almost as if she knows what is taking place between your legs and her very presence is a tease that snugly grips your cock.

That girl in the office is not going to fuck you.  She’s not even going to rub the apple of her ass into your crotch.  At most she’s going to give you attention just long enough to confirm to herself that she’s still her and you’re still you.  So where does that leave you?  That brings me into the picture.  I’m hotter than she is anyway, and I want far more than your attention.  I want to ignite those balls.  Summon up the memory of how horny you were  the last time you went a few days without release.  Now add me to the equation.  Call me babe.  Together we’ll generate more cum than you thought you were capable of producing.

Knowing how your balls work means knowing you.

Ashlee 866-350-5120



You'll never know unless you have me at least once

What it all comes down to

Posted by on 24th February , 2013

phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120You’re lying on the table, face down.  Soft music is playing, but as your eyes are shut, your other sensitivities become heightened.  You can hear me rustling around the room, getting things ready.  You open your eyes, but the only thing you can see is the ground below the table you’re on.  This is not a visit to my bedroom.  No sir.  You haven’t earned that today.  Today’s fantasy is not going to involve me surprising you at the door, tits on display, eager to please you beneath the sheets.  Today I’m going to give you a massage.  You’re going to lie on my table and let me take over.

My favorite thing about giving you a massage is the constant touching and teasing.  The entire episode is a gigantic tease.  You get to feel my soft hands caressing your arms.  I’m going to rub and manipulate your muscles so well that the relief  sends you straight to the brink as you begin to quiver and moan.  When it’s time to work on your chest, I’m not going to stand beside you, rather I’m going to prop myself up onto the table, and hug one of your legs tightly between my creamy thighs as my hands roam your upper body.

Later on, once you feel my fingers gently massaging your inner thigh, your cock can’t fight it any more.  It morphs into a thick pole, almost poking a hole through the flimsy towel.  Your cock is rock hard and you’re arousal is obvious, but I pretend not to notice it.  Instead I go about my massage routine.  It’s driving you crazy.  Finally, I saunter up to your face, my hand gently scratching the back of your head, and in the sweetest voice I can muster I ask you “What’s the matter honey?  What do you want me to do?”  Your eyes bulge out, and the blood rushes to your face as fast as it did your cock because you’re so eager to speak.  Before you do, I grab your cock through the towel, tightening my grip to shut you up.  I’m staring into your eyes, reading into them for confirmation: I have you now.

What are you prepared to give up in order for me to make you cum?

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

Sculpting You Into My Masterpiece

Posted by on 13th February , 2013

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-350-5120You are tired from another long day and you’re ready to be relaxed, yet aroused. However, you are also tired of having to initiate things with your significant other. The best that you could hope for is that she will eventually give in and pacify you with the same old mundane sexual encounter. So, you pull out your cock with one hand and begin your quest for perfection on the internet with the other.

You’ve clicked on plenty of phone sex sites featuring hot girls, including yours truly.  After looking and reading for a while now; you find yourself back here, on my blog page. Obviously, you like what you see, but more importantly, you like what you have been reading too. You love the feeling that is coursing through your veins as every interdependent body part is awakened and now stirring. Your cock is rock hard and pulsing with each beat of your racing heart and you’re your toes are beginning to twitch with frenzied desire. You are intrigued and wondering how your cock is harder than it has ever been before when you haven’t even heard my voice yet?!?!

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, my voice is every bit as tempting and delicious as my body.  I’m ready to use them both to seep inside your mind (by way of your cock). I am blessed with many erotic and tantalizing attributes and I utilize them well. I use my smile to entice you and my curves to excite you.  My large, full tits will mesmerize you, thus yielding my power over you (and every man in my path.)  I then pull a double whammy on you by using my mind and my voice to hold you captive until I get what I want. I assure you, I WILL get what I want, but what you and I want is one in the same.

I will feed your need and you will gladly feed mine. Your insatiable desire will bring you back to me again and again. There is no “Chasing the dragon” with me; each time you will be amazed at how fucking good I make you feel. You will be a willing participant as I twist you like a ball of clay that is mine for the molding.

Aren’t you ready to Play-Doh?

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

You: A Mild Mannered Phone Sex Caller (for the moment)

Posted by on 1st February , 2013

Phone sex goddess Naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120

I want you to think about the idea of my coming over to your place, arriving around 12 p.m. on a Saturday when you have nothing planned.  I’d spend the first 20 minutes teasing you.  I wouldn’t be explicit, like say anything about how I’m eagerly looking forward to riding reverse cowgirl on your meat stick.  It would be more along the lines of looking the other way for many seconds at a time while I allow your staring eyes the opportunity to feast upon my beautiful supple tits.  Perhaps I would walk by you, grazing your prick lightly, but with enough pressure that it hardens to attention.

Your compliments on my beauty graduate into constant begging as you bombard me with emphatic explanations as to what my being there is doing to you.  Good.  I may just come over, but you’ve finally arrived.  This is when you turn from your everyday Clark Kent to my Superman.  Harder than a 16 year-old, able to cum long distance with a single stroke.  There’s a point in every episode we have (think back to our more recent calls) when you no longer are the person you were when you dialed my number.  You were in control not too long ago, but the second you heard my sexy voice answer your self-sufficiency began to fade.  The dance I wrote about in the first paragraph is the minutes leading up to the sweaty part when I get you really hot and heavy.

So, my dear, when these moments arrive, I want to know one thing: What else is my Superman capable of?  How hard do I need to get your cock  for that to be more?

Come to me babe.  Because even Superman needs his balls emptied.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

Stop Fighting It

Posted by on 24th January , 2013

phone sex calls are best with Naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120

I’m writing today with your addiction in mind.  I know we like to use that word, partially because it sounds good, and especially because it feels true.  “Addiction” is a powerful word.  It means you must have your fix.  I know you’re addicted, and I know that we’ve toyed with the concept, but I don’t think you quite realize how strong my hold is over you.  I don’t think of myself as a craving like nicotine or a fatal narcotic like heroin.  I’m more like food to an obese person.  You can stop smoking cigarettes if you really want to.  But you cannot stop eating food.  You need to have it.  You cannot stop calling me.  It’s simply not an option.  Nor do you want to.  You just want to be able to have more control over your feelings for me.  You can pursue this all you want.  However, I suggest you save yourself the agony and stop trying to kid yourself.  I set the terms for your lust fulfillment.  You cannot quit me. Please do not forget this babe.

I want you to admit your addiction to me.  Don’t just say the words; act like you’ve recognized it as reality.  You are what you are.  You are a man.  You have balls that need unloading.  My incredibly hot body paired with the hottest voice that has ever made you cum, is something you can have.  You can have them more than you do now.  I promise you that once you allow yourself to fall, the rewards will be more than worth it.  You’ll have me in your ear far more than you do now.  Your cock will explode to a degree you’ve never known.  Stroking it with a passion is not enough.  I can make your heart beat like an attack, culminating with a stream of cum that sprays all over yourself.  You won’t want to clean it up.  You’ll want to admire how exited you were and how hard you came.

Why are you fighting this?  You might notice that on the right side of my blog page there are a series of pictures (scroll down to admire them).  Above one of them reads the words “It doesn’t start with a call…it already started.”  They are so very true.  You are hooked on me, and the time will come when you’re ready to fulfill your obligations as an addict.  This is as inevitable as it is that you’ll call me again.  As long as balls need emptying, yours truly will be the only potion that can satiate you.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

Five Year Fantasy

Posted by on 18th January , 2013

phone sex with Naughty AshleeWhat would be the ultimate long term fantasy with yours truly?  I’m not asking you to tell me about what you would do with me (or to me) if you had me alone, all to yourself, in an empty house for just one night.  I’m asking you what you want for us beyond that.  Dating? Tawdry Mistress? Marriage?

I’m sure that any fantasy life with me would include my pleasuring you sexually every single day.  In your perfect world, I’m by your side every moment you’re at home.  You might even wake up each workday to your morning wood engorged in my warm, wet mouth, but I know you’d also want a heavy dose of romance.  I inspire lust in you, so much that you’d gladly sacrifice years of your life if it meant one hard fuck with me.  But if you could have it all, you’d also want my affection for many years to come without having to sell your soul to the devil.  I think that after a few weeks of having me serve as your daily fuck-toy, you’d begin to value kissing and cuddling with me more.  Maybe holding hands as we walk together in various places.  Pillow talk at night would become a daily ritual that helps get you through each grueling day.  “Love” would be a word I would hear from you more and more.

I asked the question about your long-term fantasy of me because it gets at the heart of why you want me so badly right now.  Expose your inner feelings to me and let’s discuss this more.  I promise that I’ll push those buttons for you.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once

Inevitable Explosion

Posted by on 10th January , 2013

The best phone sex is with Naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120

In preparation for this blog I looked up two words in the dictionary.  Here are their definitions.

Property: that which a person owns; the possession or possessions of a particular owner

Own: of, pertaining to, or belonging to oneself or itself

I often like to refer to your cock as “My cock”, but we both know that’s not meant in the literal sense.  No matter how much you subordinate yourself to me, your penis is physically connected to you.  Unless I command you to detach it and hand it to me, you and your cock will be one – til death do you part.  (Fear not, one thing I’ll never do is disempower that amazing muscle of yours – I love it too much).  When I refer to your cock as being mine, I recognize that it’s your property, but I exert so much influence over it that the lines become a bit blurred.  It hardens when I want it to.  The head expands and morphs into a powerful shade of purple because I whisper in your ear beguiling it to.  It throbs and pulsates when I take off my top.  You are capable of making yourself cum without me, but it is only with me that you can feel your pounding heartbeat when gripping it.

How is it that I am able to do all these things when it is your property?  You own your cock, you control it.  How is it that my influence is stronger than your control?  I’m going to reveal something to you that will change the way you think about our relationship.  While you might own your cock and even your balls, I literally own the Ashlee juice inside of them.  The cum that I generate is indeed my property.  It’s created by me as much as an artist creates a painting.  Sure, you may let me borrow some of the tools, but the end result is mine.  In a sense, it’s only on loan to you as I let it reside in “The boys” just temporarily.

A virus emanates from another being, transmits itself through the air, and infects you through your mouth, nostrils, or pores.  I’m not a virus, but the way I operate is parallel with one.  I bring you into contact with me by showing you a picture as hot as the one tied to this blog.  It turns you on – call it a symptom.  Your cock twitches, and your hand is trained to react by reaching for the phone.  Within moments my soft voice has your consciousness on high alert, a reaction to the infiltration that has already taken place.  You probably even have a fever and beads of cold sweat have begun to run down the small of your back.  Your mind is under my influence because your testicles are hard at work, manufacturing my property within you.  It’s my cum and I’m going to use it to push you in all sorts of directions.  Eventually, I will insist on you giving me what is rightfully mine.

By now, the tension and the cum is boiling inside of you and you’re struggling to hold back the inevitable explosion.  It belongs to me.  Call me.  I want what’s mine.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


P.S. Once you’ve cum, consider this warm cream as a gift to remember me by.  Perhaps take a minute before cleaning it up and instead lay there with my gift glistening on you.  A lovely site indeed!

You'll never know unless you have me at least once

New Year’s 2013: Your chance to prove it

Posted by on 27th December , 2012

phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 1-866-350-5120Have you ever been on a diet?  I’m sure you have at some point.  The night before the diet begins it’s the calm before the storm.  You can do whatever you want because it’s going to be all uphill no matter what you do.  Tomorrow, the new leaf is turned over, and the new way of life for you will take hold.  January always starts a new chapter, but I don’t like the idea of wiping the slate clean.  I don’t want to forget about the past.  Think about us.  I don’t want us to start all over again?  I want December 31st to signify the end to the way we’ve been, with New Year’s demarking a turning point in where our relationship takes us.  I want more for us in 2013.  I want more from you.

I have a proposal for you.  If you decline, no need to say anything.  If you agree, however, then I ask that you email me that you do, with an elaboration to follow over the phone thereafter.  If you email me that you agree, then what I will do is look up how many calls we did in 2012.  Then I want you to commit to trying to exceed that number in 2013.  Commit to trying, nothing more.  It would be a concrete action taken to prove your affection for me.  I want you to take this step towards me.

You have my word that doing this will make us closer. And I know how badly you want to be closer to me.  Let’s begin the New Year together. Call me.

Ashlee 866-350-5120


You'll never know unless you have me at least once